Get Creative With Your Bonus Offers

I do not need to convince any copywriter how powerful even a single bonus can be to improve the conversion rates on your sales letters. If you sell a $97 product, and visitors are not convinced the product is worth $97, you could throw in some extra materials that have been proven to be worth $47 or $97 to make the buying process a very simple decision. Do you have trouble thinking up the perfect bonus to add to your offer? Do you have too many or too few bonuses, and you do not know how to apply them? You need to decide if you want to offer standard, surprise, loyal, or last-ditch bonuses.

Standard bonuses are those bonuses you offer directly on your sales letter and use them to sell your product. All bonuses, especially these standard ones, need to be directly related to your original offer. The only problem with standard bonuses is that it is possible to have too many bonuses. For that reason, I tend to only stick four or less bonuses on my regular sales letter, sometimes none, because adding too many bonuses draws away from the value of your regular product.

The most fun kind of bonus to add is the 꽁머니 5000 surprise bonus. This is simply an unadvertised bonus. Somebody buys your regular product, and surprise! They have an extra product for free. This is a great way to eliminate that immediate buyer’s remorse many people feel just after they purchased.

You could also go for the loyalty bonus. Simply wait a while before handing over some of your bonuses. Put them on a follow-up autoresponder and delay 15, 30, 60, or even 90 days until you hand the bonus over, to reduce refunds and increase the thud factor of your product without making it too complicated. You can either announce loyalty bonuses or make them surprises. I like to mix the two.

Finally, there is the last-ditch bonus. You can call this a beginner, quick start, or barebones version of your product. In some of my products, I send out an e-mail after 30 days that says: Have you had a chance to use my product? In case it’s too complicated for you, here is a stripped down version to get you started right away. This also reduces refunds and appeals to your newbie buyers while keeping the more experienced people in mind as well.

Great creative with your bonus offers so you can be unique. Do not just give a bonus away on your sales letter, make it a surprise bonus, loyalty bonus, or a last-ditch beginner bonus.

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