How to Give an Erotic Massage


It is important to know the right way to give your partner an erotica massage. The key is to make her feel good about the experience. This means that she should feel relaxed and excited. It is also important to know how to transition from massage to sex smoothly. For example, you should not rub the massage oil off your hands or hunch over.

Open questions are a great way to get feedback and adjust.

While giving a London outcall massage, remember that you are not trying to change or fix your partner. Instead, you want to create a sense of connection and intimacy. This means being relaxed and responsive to your partner’s body. This will enable you to give a better massage.

Ask your partner what they want

When giving an erotic massage, it is important to ask your partner what they want so that you know exactly what you are doing. You may want to start out gently and build up to a more intense massage. Make sure to pay attention to your partner’s body language and linger in the areas that they seem to enjoy the most.

You can also use the erotic massage to relax your partner and release any tensions they may be feeling. This way, you can satisfy both Love Languages at once. To give a complete experience, you must include both the massage and the erotic parts of the massage. It is also a good idea for the air to be scented.

The room should be romantic and cozy. Try putting on some romantic music to set the mood. Soft lighting is a must and you can add candles. Alternatively, you could place some flower petals or a bottle of red wine in the room. You can set the mood for your partner’s massage by setting the music.

Lastly, you should ask your partner what they want. You may not want to ask them for sex, but this is an excellent opportunity to open up a dialogue about intimacy. It will help you both relax and tune into each other’s body sensations.

Your partner might feel completely relaxed after a massage. They might want some time to rest. During this time, they may even fall asleep. Be sure to end the activity if you feel uncomfortable. You don’t want them to feel disturbed or uncomfortable.

Erotic massages are a wonderful way to relax and get intimate with your partner. They will also help you learn more about your sexuality and create new aspects of pleasure.

Let your hands relax

When you give an erotic massage to someone, be sure to take a moment to relax your hands. You don’t want them to get tired, which can ruin your happy ending. Instead, you should be focusing on your partner’s bones and muscles. You’ll see ripple effects throughout the body if you place your attention on their muscles and bones.

Massage has many benefits beyond the enjoyment it brings to the receiver. Massage is a great way to show your love and support your partner. It’s also good for your health. Numerous books on therapeutic massage mention the many health benefits of massage. In addition, giving an erotic massage is the best way to achieve a whole-body, extended orgasm.

Do not hunch over

Here are some tips to help you deliver an erotic massaging experience to your partner. One of them is to keep your hands in contact with the body at all times. This will keep the momentum going and create an atmosphere of relaxation. If you need to grab something during a massage, your hands can help.


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