Make Your Own Compost Bins

You want to make your own compost but you think the commercial bins are a bit pricey? Then why not make your own compost bin? Here are five easy cost-effective ways to build them.

Style 1: Extremely Simple And Easy

A circle of kompostownik z palet chicken wire, or a bottomless barrel with air holes in its sides, although simple, works fine. When you cannot add any more materials in the circle, just lift the wire away from the pile, set it up again nearby, and put the newer layers back in, leaving behind the finished compost.

Anything can be used for a compost bin. For instance, when I first settled in Oshawa, Ontario, I marvelled at the way my neighbor, an older Ukrainian lady, would create her compost. In the fall when she was cleaning up her garden for the winter, she would simply pile up all garden debris against a wire fence that had been set up between her land and the public park on the west side of her property. This section of her garden along the wire fence would be her “compost bin” during the winter months.

In the early spring as soon as the ground had thawed, she would spread this half- decomposed material all over her garden and have it plowed under. Then she would add mushroom compost bought from a mushroom grower. When it was time for seeding, everything had pretty well thoroughly decomposed. This lady had the nicest vegetables in the neighborhood.

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