Roulette Rules

Even though roulette rules are fairly easy to learn, it is important to acquire the necessary knowledge before you go into a casino and start to play. If you are a newbie, this can definitely help you avoid any potential embarrassments or misunderstandings. Traditionally roulette has been played in regular offline casinos but today secure casino gambling online has been more and more common whether it is roulette, poker, craps, blackjack, baccarat or other gambling games.

Roulette has both rules and etiquette that have to be adhered to. In a game where money is at stake, it is crucial for gamblers to be familiar with these both in real and virtual casinos.

The basic rules of Roulette


  • In Roulette you don’t compete with the other players.  바카라  The roulette game can hold up to eight players, and each player plays against the dealer only
  • Players buy in and receive chips of a color, different from the other players
  • If you win a spin, you cash your color chip in for a cash chip of a certain value.
  • The “En Prison” rule If you place an even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you can either take back your bet or leave it for another spin. If you choose the last option you put it “in prison” as the jargon is.
  • The ‘La Partage’ rule Like the ‘en prison’ rule this is also due when you place an outside even money bet and the ball lands on zero. Under the La Partage rule however, you lose half your bet and you are not able to leave the remainder in prison, or out for another spin.

Roulette etiquette

  • Your bet must be placed before the spinner or croupier, calls out “No more bets.”
  • Never touch or even attempt to touch your chips after the croupier stops betting
  • When the croupier calls ‘no more bets’ you cannot change your bet.


There are other rules in roulette, but these are the basic. Learn them and you can start to play.


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