Studying English in USA

Travelers thinking of studying English in the U.S.A. have a whole host of options open to them. America is a diverse country and backpacker may benefit from a few tips to help travelers make the most of the experience.

Where to Study

English is the native language of the U.S.A. but travelers backpacking through the country will quickly realize that different accents and twangs can be heard in various regions. Travelers may wish to consider the style of English that is spoken in the state before they decide to study there.

Whether it is New York or Miami, travelers should ensure that they book hostels in U.S.A in advance. San Francisco hostels and Washington hostels close to colleges that teach English fill up fast.

Type of Course

The reasons that motivate travelers to study English in the U.S.A are many and an individual’s choice of school will reflect this. Travelers may wish to pick up some conversational English and others could be looking for ways to improve their business English.新西蘭升學 

English language schools in the U.S.A have different specialisms, so travelers should study at an institution that matches their needs.

Level of Difficulty

Backpackers who decide to study English in the U.S.A are advised to research a study program that suits their current level of English. Language schools tend to offer courses in six stages – beginners, high beginners, intermediate, high intermediate, advanced and fluency.

A program is likely to challenge, motivate and push a student so backpackers should expect the pace to be intense. A course that stretches a student without leaving them completely out of their depth is the best option.


Travelers on a budget who want to study English can decide to take a low-cost course or make savings elsewhere. Cutting costs by staying in hostels in U.S.A is one way travelers can leave room in their budget for other academic expenses.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Studying English in the U.S.A is an experience that does not need to be restricted to the classroom. Travelers who combine study with socializing and traveling may gain a valuable insight into the rich culture of their host nation.



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