Top Tips for a Painless House Move

Moving from one home to another is a tedious task, often punctuated by frustration, annoyance and practical chaos. Oftentimes, what possibly can go wrong does, and it can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to make it as easy as possible. The following are some of the top tips for a painless house move.

Give yourself enough time

You will want to calculate how much time you think moving will take and then add quite a bit of “cushion” time. Be realistic in how long you think it will take. Do not assume that everything will run smoothly, because unfortunately is often does not. The last thing you want is to have the movers knocking on your door while your great-grandmother’s precious tea set remains yet to be wrapped and packed. Calculate how long each aspect of getting ready will take you.

Be very careful when choosing movers

There have been horror stories in the news lately about unscrupulous movers taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. Complaints range from sudden increases in price to damage of the moved items. Be very careful when choosing moving services hong kong movers. If possible, get a good recommendation. Of course, if there are not too many items and you are able to handle it, you could always consider renting a truck yourself and just hiring movers at each end to help you load and unload your items (or doing it yourself). Make sure that you get the price in writing, and know exactly what your contract says.

Be organized

You want to be as organized as possible to make your move go easily. This will take different forms. First, you may want to consider making yourself a schedule and checklist of things that need to get done. Know everything you will need to do (i.e., get the packing boxes, wrap up the dishes, etc). It will help you not to forget anything. Also, when actually packing you will want to be organized. Try to put things in boxes in an orderly fashion so that when you get to your new home, it will not be too difficult to sort through. If you just throw everything haphazardly into boxes, then it will be much more difficult to unpack everything. Also, make sure that you wrap everything sufficiently so that they make the trip well. If you are organized and take the time and care you need, your house move should be as painless as possible.

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